Laws and Legislations

A crack or a chip on a windshield is often taken too lightly. Did you know that each time you take the road with a damaged windshield, you put your passengers and your own life in danger?

In case of an accident, your windshield is there for your protection. It’s purpose is :

  • To support your airbags;
  • To prevent passenger ejection;
  • To enhance the shock resistance;
  • To keep the roof of your vehicle from caving in;

For the safety of the Quebecers, the code of conduct and road safety regulations require that all automobiles have a windshield that is in good condition. According to article 265 of the road safety code of conduct, the windshield and the windows of the vehicle must be conform to the standards established by law to assure the visibility of the driver. You risk a fine that can vary between 90$ and 175$, and a 10$ fee, if the crack or chip is in the driver’s line of vision.

For your security and that of the other drivers, a damaged windshield must be quickly replaced. In addition to the visibility that is greatly reduced, a crack in the windshield can alter the resistance of the structure during impact. So, it is possible that a windshield may give way with the impact of a single stone if you are driving more than 100 km/hr.

A broken windshield can also hinder the deployment of the airbags on the passenger side and affect the stability of the cars roof. Consequently, in case of a rollover, a good installation can keep the roof from crushing its occupants.

A certified quality installation : a priority for the VitrXpert technicians

In Canada, there is no law that regulates how to mount a windshield. A technician can mount the windshield in whatever way he finds convenient. For your security and that of your passengers, chose a technician that is accredited and certified.

The windshield is one of the most important security components according to the occupant restraint system (SRS). The windshield is mentioned as the third most important component for your automobile security. For VitrXpert, it is THE most important.

Our technicians respect the Canadian Motor Vehicle Standards (FMVSS).

Standard FMVSS 208

When the airbag is disengaged, the windshield acts as a solid support.

Standard FMVSS 212

In case of a frontal collision, the windshield must stay in place to prevent passenger ejection.

Standard FMVSS 216

When a strong force is applied – a rollover, for example – the windshield must keep the roof of the vehicle from caving in to protect the occupants of the vehicle.

For your safety, take the time to get to know your VitrXpert technicians. They will fix your windshield if possible, if not, it will be replaced.

To better understand about the importance of your windshield, VitrXpert invites you to view this report.

As soon as you notice an abnormality on your windshield, consult our technicians as soon as possible to avoid the necessity of replacing your windshield altogether. They will be happy to look after your own welfare, your passengers and all the other drivers on the road.

The importance of a windshield respecting the DOT and OEM standards

The windshield on your vehicle is one of the main areas to assure your safety. On top of supporting the cockpit in case of a rollover, it keeps the passengers inside the vehicle in case of impact. However, are all windows on a car secure? At VitrXpert, the windows used respect the government standards and are DOM and OEM certified.

The DOT certification identifies the manufacturer who installed the window. The Department of American Transport requires marking on the pieces of glass that have been passed the required performance criteria.

A part from the original manufacturer is certified OEM. The OEM windshields guarantee an authentic manufacturing made with the same equipment as the original manufacturer. The windshield will be a perfect fit for your vehicle and will reduce the risk of water infiltration and air noises. The partnerships between the glass OEM manufacturers and the automobile manufacturers assure a specialized knowledge of the structural engineering of the pieces from the manufacturers and the quality of the optimized product.

Did you know… The longer you wait, you diminish your chances of repairing your windshield.

Unrepairable windshield = windshield replacement

Here are the causes that can make your windshield

  • Potholes;
  • Snow scraper;
  • Temperature (hot/cold);

Windshield insurance.

If you have insurance, most of the repairs are covered and do not require an insurance deductible!

If you do not have an insurance that covers broken windshields, you will have to pay out between 80$ and 120$ for a repair.