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Become a VitrXpert and make a clear business choice!

Being part of the VitrXpert banner group has many benefits:

  • The concept adapts to your existing business
  • Many territories are still available
  • Support and training provided by a team of experts
  • Innovative advertising and marketing concept

Why Add The Auto Glass And Accessories Business to Your Existing Company

Offer a more complete range of service to:

Your existing clientele:
Your customers find everything under one roof and save time and money

Your new clientele:
Which will increase your sales in your already established services

Increase your profits

  • Take advantage of the group purchasing organisation to get the best prices and make more profit per claim
  • Make more profit per insurance claim

Consolidate your market

  • New legislation will soon contribute to the development of this line of business

This is how VitrXpert proposes to increase your profits quickly, and this, from your existing business and clientele.

Why VitrXpert Rather Than Another

  • No royalties on your sales
  • No royalties on your sales revenue
  • No advertising and administrative fees …
  • 3-step training with on-going monitoring of your operations to ensure that your reach your objectives: IT’S GUARANTEED!

It’s not a franchise, but a group purchasing organisation under a banner concept.

VitrXpert is truly the solution offering the best profitability on the market, allowing you to be equal to the industry leaders as of your start-up, and with less constraints!

Choose your solution

With its three business formulas, VitrXpert offers you the possibility to be part of a dynamic group.

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